My name is Dee Ann, founder of Souls Full Filled, which I developed to help you achieve your best life.

My life has prepared me to help people needing to overcome difficult circumstances or just desiring to enrich the many aspects of their lives.

From early childhood to present day, I have experienced extremely difficult circumstances including holocaust level abuse, domestic violence, chronic illness, financial loss, divorce, and emotional and physical traumas. These overwhelming experiences have resulted in many negative impacts on my physical and mental health, self esteem, self concepts, perceptions and behaviors. Despite all of these challenges and seemingly impossible circumstances, including near death situations, I have come to experience PEACE, JOY, GRATITUDE and FULFILLMENT even amidst ongoing difficulties. My life journey has prepared me to help people overcome trials and LIVE an EXTRAORDINARY LIFE!

In addition to holding an MBA from the University of Miami, being a licensed CPA and having had a successful career in business, I have almost 30 years of training and experience regarding addiction, codependency, psychology, pastoral counseling, and 20+ years of teaching and facilitating workshops on spiritual tools and practices that lead to a higher quality of life. I also have completed almost 25 years of various theological and bible studies, including the Clinical Pastoral Education Program at Jackson Memorial Hospital (Trauma Unit), and Seminary level courses with the University of the South School of Theology, St Thomas University, Charis Bible College, and 9 years of Bible Study Fellowship studies. I have also completed the Diaconate program and passed the Canonical Exam with the Episcopal Diocese of SouthEast Florida.

Through almost three decades of pursuing research, experimentation, education, skill development and experiencing my own dramatic transformation, I have accumulated the wisdom and tools to help anyone to deal with challenging situations, undesirable circumstances and seemingly impossible goals.

Through my writing, speaking and coaching I have helped others, just like you, to overcome the adversity they face and to thrive by improving their quality of life. MY PASSION and MISSION is to HELP YOU ACHIEVE YOUR BEST QUALITY LIFE FULLY FILLED with JOY, PEACE and PROSPERITY!


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